September is National Sewing Month!

Wow, how did it get to be September already? Oh, the days pass one by one like grains of sand through an hourglass, you say? August 31 is inevitably followed by September 1? Well, dang. Who knew the calendar was so regular?!

What September means to me is a conglomeration of things: the official start of Fall and crisper weather (ahem, eventually); both my mother’s and my own birthdays (Virgo power!); and back-to-school wardrobe refreshing urges (even though I haven’t been in school for going on 20 years). Nowadays that last one induces an urgent drive to SEW. ALL. THE. THINGS.

Which is serendipitous, because September is also National Sewing Month, so I have plenty of excuse (like I need one) to spend my time sewing. It’s official. We should all be sewing!


National Sewing Month is sponsored by the Sewing & Craft Alliance and the American Sewing Guild. There’s really nothing organized about National Sewing Month, but you’ll probably see your favorite sewing publications and websites mention it throughout the month. The theme this year is “Sew for the experience of it,” which really just means (to me) “sew because you want to!”

This month should be very full of sewing and sewing-adjacent projects for me: finishing the dress to wear to my friend’s wedding (on my birthday!), finishing the sleeve adaptation for another friend’s wedding dress (’tis the season); making my first muslin for the Chanel Jacket Club; and finally finishing the muslin and cutting out a few renditions of the In-House Patterns Belle Blouse that’s been languishing on my cutting table for lo these many weeks because apparently I have no attention span. (That’s not really true; I have a very strong attention span. But occasionally I decide to take on a new project before finishing one already started.)

Happy National Sewing Month everyone!


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