I am actually sewing–I’m just not posting!

I’ve managed to finish lots of sewing projects in the past several months, and I’ve even photographed many of them quite thoroughly. But I haven’t been posting. I guess I’m just lazy. I don’t really want to turn the computer on when I get home from a day at work spent on a computer. Plus, my home laptop recently died and is in the repair shop.

Lately I’ve completed several muslins for Regency gown bodice and sleeve variations. I’ve made an early Regency gown I’m quite proud of, along with a complete set of undergarments (stays, drawers, shift, petticoat), a chemisette, and a vest-like Spencer. I’ve made a few everyday (read: normal person) dresses that I can wear to work, and they’ve turned out great. And I’ve got more waiting in the wings. I’ve completed a sleeveless blouse with fluttery appliques and have one more about half sewn. I’ve done lots of pattern work, made two pet-shaped pillows for work, and am currently developing a pattern for a Regency reticule that I’ll use to teach a workshop at a Jane Austen Society chapter retreat next summer.

See! I have actually been doing a lot of sewing. I’m just not posting about any of it, in direct defiance of my stated intention to post once a month. I declared that back in April, and the end of August is nigh. Well, once I get my laptop back, I will make a far more concerted effort to post something once a month. Even if it’s just a link to my pattern reviews on PatternReview.com.