Heidi #2 Started

Neckline staystitched, bodice tucks tucked on Heidi #2.

I’ve finally started sewing my second Heidi dress, which has been cut out for the past 2 weeks or so. Sometimes I have to force myself to start because no matter how much I like the act of putting something together–especially something pretty–the amount of work involved can be daunting. It’s kind of like exercise. I like moving my body; my muscles crave the exertion. But it’s frequently hard to get motivated to get into my exercise gear and commit time to the bike or the elliptical machine, even though I know I’ll feel great afterward and it doesn’t really take many minutes out of my day.

Same with sewing sometimes. So I find it’s best to think in baby steps, take it one thing at a time (which is really the only way they can be taken anyway, but sometimes the brain moves forward too quickly), and that way each step seems more manageable.

The black cotton batiste bodice lining for Heidi #2, with fusible interfacing at the neckline--a step I skipped in Heidi #1.

In any case, Heidi #2 is well underway. I’ve applied fusible interfacing to the lining necklines, staystitched the outer fabric necklines, sewed fronts to backs and created the tucks in all layers. That’s a good start.


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