Leather Bodice progress

I don’t remember sewing leather as being particularly difficult. But sewing the pieces of this black leather bodice together has been decidedly frustrating. Not horribly so; at least there’s that. Just the kind of irritating frustration that makes sewing more of a chore than a pleasure.
I think the problem is that the leather is so thin and soft that the layer directly under the presser foot slips against the layer directly atop the feed dogs, because the smooth sides are facing each other, while the sueded sides are facing out. So the top layer slips out of alignment with the bottom layer, meaning the edges of the two pieces no longer line up properly. Also, there’s considerable stretching of the bottom layer. Perhaps this wouldn’t be a problem if the leather was thicker. Or sueded on both sides. I’ve sewn heavy suede before and didn’t have this problem.
What I ended up having to do is start the stitch at the very edge of the layered pieces and progress without backstitching for a few inches, then stop. Then flip the pieces so the top layer is on the bottom and start stitching again. Once the layers were stitched together with minimal stretching and aligned properly at the edges, I ran a new line of stitching very close to the first line.
Once the seam allowances were clipped on the inside, I opened the side seam allowances and tacked them down at the top edge. Because there’s an angle near the bottom of the side seam, I left those seam allowances free. I’m considering topstitching all seam allowances down on this outer layer for the bodice/corset.
We’ll see. I figured it was best to leave well enough alone for a bit once I finally got all the seams together Sunday night. Stop while you’re ahead, I say.


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