Sewcation 2011!

You’ve probably heard the term “staycation.” I’ve taken several over the past few years–real vacations being somewhat more costly and there being so much at home that goes unattended to during the regular course of the year (improvement projects, sewing projects, etc.). So usually I’m taking a vacation from work to accomplish things at home; things that need to get done: painting, redoing a bathroom, refinishing cabinets, the occasional sewing project. Staycations can be really useful for getting things done, but for me at least, those things are so varied that at the end of the week (it’s usually a week) my head is spinning and even though there’s a sense of accomplishment in having been so productive, there’s so much–usually of the sewing variety–that still goes unfinished or even unstarted. I try to catch up on sewing projects during weekends, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

So this year, I’m proposing for myself a “sewcation”–1 week off from work during which I stay home and focus only on sewing projects. Not painting, or cleaning, or organizing, or finishing that last bit of my kitchen project that’s been waiting for months and months. That’ll have to be another staycation.

All the projects I’ve got planned and haven’t been able to start yet due to lack of time and energy will finally get worked on. Maybe some will even get finished. And I have so many projects that I’ll probably need two sewcations just to get through half of them.

I’ve got about 8 everday, real-life dress projects planned, (1 currently in progress). Then there are the four costuming projects I’ve got planned, one of which is in progress already. If even half of them are going to get done, a sewcation is a must. It could take 3 sewcations to get all these projects even started this year. It’s not necessary to complete them all this year–but it’d just be nice to at least get them halfway there.

Prioritizing is a must. Here’s my list, in order of priority (subject to change at a moment’s whim). And I’m hoping to get the first two completed before my first sewcation, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. complete Heidi #2 (already in progress)
  2. complete black leather Ren bodice (already in progress)
  3. navy silk and teal/pink paisely Simplicity Cynthia Rowley ruffle-neck dress
  4. BurdaStyle/SelfishSeamstress Coffee Date Dress (2 in cotton sateen–rose and cadet blue–and 1 in plum silk charmeuse)
  5. teal silk charmeuse Vogue Tracy Reese dress
  6. smoke grey Ren bodice with gunmetal/pewter taffetta skirt
  7. complete green linen Ren shirt
  8. complete tan suede vest
  9. Vogue Anne Klein lightweight wool pleated dress
  10. complete Chinese brocade skirt (and make a top to go with it)
  11. ruffle top (or two)

Anything that says “complete” indicates that the pieces are already cut and are just waiting to be sewn together. Sometimes I dedicate a weekend to just cutting out patterns and fabric, so at least that tedious part of the process is out of the way.

So during my first Sewcation 2011, I’ll begin and hopefully complete at least one, maybe two, of these sewing projects. I have all or most of the materials for most of these projects already, so that part is out of the way. Since most of dress projects will be really versatile and could reasonably be categorized as four-season dresses, I won’t even have to focus my sewcations on sewing ahead for the next season.

And that’s my plan for vacations this year. I’ll try to blog during them to keep track of my progress, too.


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