Regency May 29/30/31 update:

*As anyone keeping track might notice, there’s a big gap between my postings for this project. What can I say? Life happens.

This Memorial Day weekend I was fairly productive on the Regency gown. All that remained to be completed was to hem the skirt and apply the trim to the sleeves.

The hem, even with the dress’ train, was simple enough. Just folded up 1/2 inch, pressed in place, then folded another 3/4 inch and pressed, and then sewn up. Because the train drags on the floor, I didn’t want to do a hand-sewn hem and risk any of the threads or the fold of the fabric catching and pulling against something and wrecking the hem finish.

So I opted for a machine-sewn hem. I am nothing if not practical. Seriously. It would tick me off to no end to spend a ton of time hand-sewing a blind hem or even whipstitching a hem and then have it pulled out the first time I walk over something slightly less than smooth.

I used the same beige thread I’ve been using for the rest of the project, since it blends into the background of the fabric so nicely. A nice tight stitch all around, and voila! The hem was finished.

Next step: sleeve trim. Before I got around to that, though, I wanted to try on the gown and make sure I wasn’t doing all that work for nothing!

I put on the foundation garment, pulled the gown over my head and was immediately thrilled by the results. The gown is so flattering. The waistline corrections I had to make, including the insertion of the triangular back panel, make it fit perfectly. There was plenty of room to maneuver while getting it over my head.

Once I could bring myself to take the gown off, I got started on the sleeve trim. First I applied the organza ribbons that bunch up the sleeve in three places, tacking them at each end. Then I tacked an ivory organza rosette (purchased ready-made) over the ends of each at the top of the sleeve. Along the gather, where the three ribbons terminate at the bottom of the sleeve, I stitched a folded satin ribbon over the ends of the organza ribbons, covering them. At the middle of the folded satin ribbon, I stitched another ivory rosette.

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