Regency May 22/23 update

Sleeves are now sewn onto the dress, and all that’s left is the bottom hem and applying sleeve trim. I’m following the sleeve trim option that bunches the sleeve a little with three cords or ribbons tacked at the bottom sleeve gathering at three points and again at three points higher on the sleeve. I’ll be using a green organza ribbon instead of the recommended thin cords, and the three points on the upper sleeve where the ribbons terminate will be finished off with rosettes instead of buttons.

I can’t decide yet between ivory organza rosettes or deep rose-pink satin rosettes. I don’t tend to like the over-wrought, heavily-beribboned and bedecked embellishment styles of the later Regency. I prefer the simplicity and classicism of the earlier styles, so I’m leaning towards the ivory rosettes which won’t stand out as much as the others.

At the bottom of the sleeve, I’ll be applying a folded sage-green satin ribbon over the gathering threads and over the termination points of the three organza ribbons, and placing a single rosette in the middle where the folds change direction. I’ve created this trim myself, and it’s fairly simplistic but effective.

Also completed this weekend, an approximation of a straw Regency bonnet. I had a stiff straw hat with a raffia ribbon and flower trim around the brim that I’ve owned for years and never worn. The brim isn’t too wide, maybe about 5 inches, and the crown isn’t very high or rounded. Tilted back on the head, it’s a pretty good approximation of the correct shape for a Regency bonnet. I clipped off the back of the brim in a wide fan shape, applied a lavender bias binding over the brim edge all around with fabric/craft glue, then tacked a sage green grosgrain ribbon around the crown, crossing the ends in the back and drawing them over the back tips of the brim where I trimmed away the wedge, and tacking the ends at those points. It took about 10 minutes to figure out how to accomplish all this, and about 10 minutes to complete it all. Voila! Regency bonnet—or close enough, anyway. Will I ever wear it? Maybe. That’s not the point though, is it? 🙂

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